Maintaining Control


Maintaining Control

Your Cloud. Your Priorities.

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Losing control of your cloud infrastructure will have negative impacts on all facets of your business.

No wonder loss of control is one of the most commonly cited for hesitating when it comes to adopting cloud technology.

Business operations and cloud performance are so enmeshed that staying in control is crucial. And it’s not only the technical side of things. You need to consider strategic planning, related policies and procedures and staff professional development, plus your competitor’s movements.

Now imagine how easily things could spin out of control if your move to the cloud goes wrong.

The truth is, outsourcing cloud development can result in a loss of performance, decreased security, and negative user experiences. Relying on external knowledge leaves business owners feeling out of their depth.

They resent being told what to do but don’t know how to manage the process independent of outside consultants.

Qirx in a Box puts you back in the position of power.

To implement a successful cloud environment, you need a clear vision. How will the cloud support your business goals? You need to be clear on how a cloud strategy will support growth and the change management processes needed for the shift. When you can articulate that vision you can achieve it.

In the past 14 years we’ve guided hundreds of organisations through this process. With Qirx in a Box you have that expertise at your fingertips in the training, documentation and templates provided.

A successful cloud strategy considers your immediate needs alongside those of the future. Focusing too narrowly on now leads to a system that isn’t adaptable to future needs. Lack of inbuilt resilience means your cloud solution won’t meet its full potential. When that happens, you’re left scrabbling to regain control.

Qirx in a Box lets you tap into the proven processes and procedures we have developed in the field.

Knowledge is power so, your vision needs to be underpinned by a solid understanding. Whether you want to manage the project from inception to completion and long into the future, or fully understand the solution being implemented by a contractor, knowing your cloud project inside out will keep you in control.

Qirx in a Box injects knowledge into your organisation in a way that accelerates knowledge building. You’ll have instant access to education that can happen in parallel to business operations to keep the wheels keep turning on your project.

  • Save weeks of research with over four hours of educational videos delivered by topic experts. These are bite-sized enabling you to rapidly assimilate the knowledge gained by Qirx over the past 14 years. Take advantage of these to develop a sound understanding of the hybrid cloud landscape and how best to navigate it.
  • Take advantage of a range of business requirement templates to clarify business needs and meet the goals set by your executive team. Bringing a consultant in for this process could take up to 20 days of billable time. Qirx in a Box empowers your team to do it for a fraction of the cost.
  • Access comprehensive documentation that identifies the best structure, explains the information to be collected and shows you how to go about it. The outcome is a high quality, professional document that captures all of your business requirements.
  • Complex projects need a Business Case. The Qirx in a Box members area lets you retrieve the documents and templates that you need to develop a Business Case for each of the six cloud lifecycle pillars plus, a cost calculator to nail down the budget. Bringing the Business Case development in-house will save up to 18 days of consultancy fees.

If you choose to outsource to third parties from here, you can do so with the foundational knowledge to maintain control of your project. You’ll have the clarity and supporting documentation to clearly articulate business needs. As a result, you’ll secure the best outcome for your organisation now, and long into the future.

To ensure that your vision is brought to life on time and fit for purpose Qirx in a Box also includes the following templates and resources:

  • User and Functionality requirements
  • Functionality and Skills Gap analysis tools
  • Project Management templates
  • Technical Design specs
  • Test and delivery documentation
  • Cost calculator

When brought together these 150+ individual resources ensure your team intimately understands your cloud. By creating in-house cloud experts you can maintain control of the process. Staffing costs are reduced and knowledge sharing is enhanced for long-term benefits.

When applied to only one pillar of the cloud lifecycle you are looking at up to 200 days of consultancy costs. With a full evaluation of only one business cycle costing up to $85,000 and hundreds of hours, Qirx in a Box will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s why you need a system that turns everyday IT people into cloud experts.

Qirx in a Box does just that for only $2,125 per month. That’s about a quarter of the FTE for a skilled cloud developer.  Investing in Qirx in a Box will save weeks of your time and at least $85,000 in consulting costs.

How far will you get for $2,125 each month? Use the Value Demonstrator to find out.

Take control of your IT future.

We are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

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