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Securing highly qualified people with cloud skills is a source of ongoing stress for HR and managers.

Add to that stress the fact that a global study by the London School of Economics found a lack of cloud skills costs up to $250 million per year in lost revenue. In the US, security challenges and a shortage of qualified staff to manage them have hit cloud-based businesses hard.

And in Australia, a quarter of IT managers reported being unable to recruit the staff they need with cloud-based experience.

Nurturing in-house cloud experts enables you to keep pace with innovation, leverage specialised skills, and work with a system built for the nuances of your business.

At a time when the only certainty is constant change, you need to be prepared.

The cloud is here to stay and growing at an exponential rate. Are you confident you have the talent in-house to keep up?

In a constantly evolving business environment, it can be expensive to continue recruiting and training the best personnel. Qirx in a Box removes that pressure. It puts you in the position to take your business to market and scale quickly as the market changes. Plus, you can increase profit by adding efficiency and automation.

If cloud specialists are scarce, how do you recruit one? The truth is, large businesses struggle to find them and small businesses just can’t afford them. The alternative is to outsource – a solution that has plenty of risks.

It can take years to develop the technical know-how that Qirx in a Box contains. By leveraging the training modules, templates, and proven design information, your team will be skilled up in weeks.

You’ll have access to all the resources and training required to fast track learning. Furthermore, these are proven processes that ensure your valuable IP is retained.

Starting from scratch when a key team member leaves is costly. When they leave, they take valuable knowledge with them. You’ll pay in time and money as well as lost productivity. The same applies when using a contractor or consultant to develop your cloud.

A systemised approach, developed by an internal IT person who understands the nuances of your working environment, makes it far easier to share and retain knowledge.

Qirx in a Box nurtures in-house talent so that you take advantage of growth and innovation. Handovers will be smooth with a reduced reliance on outside assistance. That’s going to have a positive impact on productivity and profit.

Developing and implementing a cloud-based environment using an external consultant costs big money. You could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars for the full lifecycle of your digital transition.

The thing is, cloud-based technology is underpinning the digital transformation of business. Can you afford to miss out?

Qirx in a Box costs less than a quarter of the annual salary of hiring a cloud expert. It will save you time, effort and money by minimising risks and retaining control of the process. You’ll have instant access to 14 years of experience and wisdom gained through the successful roll out of countless cloud-based solutions.

Qirx in a Box is the most cost-effective and adaptable resource available to transform your IT staff into cloud experts. It’s a vital investment into a virtual consultant designed to upskill your staff as they move into the digital business environment.

  • Rapidly assimilate knowledge gained by Qirx over the past 14 years with over four hours of modular educational videos. These are delivered by topic experts to save weeks of research and maximise invaluable in-house knowledge.
  • Take advantage of over 150 business requirement templates to clarify business needs and underpin strategic goals. Bringing a consultant in for this process could take up to 20 days of billable time. Qirx in a Box empowers your team to do it for a fraction of the cost.
  • Develop a detailed strategic plan that identifies the best structure, explains the information to be collected, and shows you how to go about it. The outcome is a high quality, professional document that lays the foundation for a resilient and adaptable system to grow with your business long into the future.

To ensure that your vision is brought to life on time and fit for purpose Qirx in a Box includes the following templates and resources:

  • Business Case development tools
  • User and Functionality requirements
  • Functionality and Skills Gap analysis tools
  • Project Management templates
  • Technical Design specs
  • Test and delivery documentation
  • Cost calculator

When brought together these ensure a cloud-based environment that your team intimately understands. As a result, staffing costs are reduced and knowledge sharing is enhanced for long-term benefits.

The HR team will thank you for detailed processes enabling new staff to be brought up to speed quickly!

When applied to only one pillar of the cloud lifecycle you are looking at up to 200 days of consultancy costs. Multiply that by six and you have an appreciation for the immense cost of applying all of the above across each pillar required to reach digital maturity.

That’s why you need a system that turns everyday IT people into cloud experts.

Qirx in a Box does just that for only $2,125 per month. That’s about a quarter of the FTE for a skilled cloud developer. Investing in Qirx in a Box will save weeks of your time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can you afford not to invest?

Use the Value Demonstrator to compare the full cost of having your cloud managed externally to the value of using Qirx in a Box.

Contact us to discuss how Qirx in a Box can turn YOUR everyday IT people into cloud experts.

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