Lowering Risk

Your Cloud. Your Priorities.

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Risk. It’s the niggling unknown that triggers your anxiety and keeps you up at night.

It’s also integral to the successful growth of your business.

When it comes to developing and implementing a cloud infrastructure that meets your business needs, today and long into the future, you need to feel confident that all the risks have been considered.

And when you’re operating in a rapidly changing, agile, and competitive market NOT moving to the cloud is a risk in itself.

Put simply, the ability to identify and mitigate risk can mean the difference between ongoing success and recurring failure.

Like any big project, there’s the potential for issues at every step. Your processes, documentation, and security need to be top notch to avoid issues that damage your bottom line.

Be fully prepared for the unknowns with the holistic approach of Qirx in a Box. It’s designed to transfer our 14 years of field experience to your team so that they can address risks before they become issues.

Trying to achieve this without Qirx in a Box could take months and significant spending on external consultancy. How much would you invest to fast track your organisation’s preparation?

Managing risk as your business evolves relies on a clear strategic vision, comprehensive project documentation, consistent communication, and a solid framework. Not to mention the benefits of an in-house cloud expert.

The problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Qirx in a Box turns you into a cloud expert so that you get it right first time, every time.

Implementing new technology requires practical knowledge and the skill to apply it. When your team don’t fully grasp the intricacies, you risk errors that threaten operating capacity and staff productivity.

Are you across the requirements of replacing existing technology, integrating legacy technology during the transition, the options for developing a system that will adapt with you in the future, transferring data to the new infrastructure without downtime?

Qirx in a Box contains all the specs and templates to address technology risks plus video training modules to guide your team when using them.

Loss of control is cited as one of the biggest fears that people have about moving to the cloud. That’s not surprising when losing control of your cloud infrastructure will have negative impacts on all facets of your business.

Round the clock access to comprehensive documentation coupled with insights gained during our years of experience will bring you up to speed quickly.

  • Save weeks of research with over four hours of educational videos delivered by topic experts. These are bite-sized enabling you to rapidly assimilate the knowledge gained by Qirx over the past 14 years. You’ll be an informed customer in no time.
  • Take advantage of a range of business requirement templates to define business needs and strategic goals. Bringing a consultant in for this process could take up to 20 days of billable time. Qirx in a Box empowers your team to do it for a fraction of the cost.
  • Build in security at all stages of the cloud lifecycle to ensure your solution is resilient. Qirx in a Box takes a holistic approach based on hundreds of cloud infrastructure projects.

Qirx in a Box gives you comprehensive documentation that identifies the best structure, explains the information to be collected, and shows you how to go about it. The outcome is a high quality, professional document that maps out the associated risks and how to manage them.

Over 150 individual resources will guide you to tailor your cloud environment and address risk at every step:

  • Business Planning tools
  • User and Functionality Requirements
  • Skills Gap Analysis tools
  • Project Management templates
  • Technical Design Specs
  • Test and Delivery documentation
  • Cost calculator

By creating in-house cloud experts you distribute knowledge that can be applied to any issues that arise. Staffing costs are reduced and crises avoided.

If you choose to outsource to third parties at any stage you can do so with full confidence that risks have been identified and addressed. As a result, you’ll secure the best outcome for your organisation now, and long into the future.

When applying the resources and processes to only one pillar of the cloud lifecycle you are looking at up to 200 days of consultancy costs. Multiply that by six and you have an appreciation for the true cost of mitigating risks as you progress toward digital maturity.

That’s why you need a system that turns everyday IT people into cloud experts. Qirx in a Box does just that for only $2,125 per month. That’s about a quarter of the FTE for a skilled cloud developer. Investing in Qirx in a Box will save weeks of your time and at least $85,000 in consulting costs.

Use the Value Demonstrator to evaluate the full cost of bringing in an external consultant.

Sleep soundly knowing the risks are covered.

We invite you to spend some time talking to us about how Qirx in a Box can lower your risk.

    For more on how Qirx in a Box turns everyday IT people into cloud experts, contact us today.