Move to Your Cloud

Your Cloud. Your Priorities.

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You would move to cloud, if only …

Just as we know cloud computing, we also know our customers. We know that most businesses will typically have at least one road-block (perceived or real) that makes it easier to do nothing than begin the process.

Below are a list of common sources of pain, priority or concern.  Are any relevant to your business?  Read more to see how Qirx in a Box can help you address them.

New to Cloud

New to Cloud - Resized

Qirx in a Box can help you if you are NEW TO CLOUD.

Not sure where to start? How do you know what you don’t know? Which is the right cloud choice for your business needs?  Do you understand how the technology supports our business goals?  There are so many different technologies intersecting in cloud – how do you make sure you have the skills to design, deliver and manage your cloud projects?  How do you speed up your cloud projects so you don’t get left behind by competitor who’ve already started down the cloud path? 

Maintaining Control

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Qirx in a Box gives you CONTROL over your cloud.

It helps you to design intelligent cloud infrastructure that allows you to make the right choices for your business at any point in time, immediately and far into the future.

You can maintain control of your projects, ensuring you can clearly articulate both internal and external requirements to get the best outcome for your organisation.

Qirx in a Box provides the confidence, know-how and self-assurance to set the direction of your vision and future proof your business.

Lowering Risk

Lowering Risk Resized

Qirx in a Box helps you LOWER YOUR RISK when moving to the cloud.

It provides an end-to-end approach to cloud building and management, so you can reduce the risk of errors and handle the many different cloud technology stacks.

Templates, proven processes and procedures rapidly transfer our extensive knowledge and expertise to your staff, fast tracking the process of going from knowledge to wisdom. 

Qirx in a Box allows you to confidently move forward with your cloud projects, giving you the framework, knowledge and skillsets removing the unknowns that pose a risk to your success.

Skills and Staffing

Skills and Staffing Cloud Resized

Qirx in a Box helps you address your Cloud SKILLS & STAFFING needs.

Your Everyday IT People can quickly become Cloud Experts, with instant online access to the knowledge, skills, and the IP they need to build your cloud environment.  Our end to end approach reduces the risk of errors and supports the many different technology stacks of cloud.

Qirx in a Box allows you to build resident knowledge, fast-track learnings, gain capabilities and nurture your in-house talent to develop the cloud skills you need to support your business aspirations.

Being an Informed Customer

Informed Customer Resized

Qirx in a Box can help you develop into an INFORMED CUSTOMER.

Have you decided you want someone else to build your cloud?  How do you know what you need to know? Do you have confidence that your partners can deliver the solution that will best meet your needs?  If circumstances change, can you bring the projects in-house without losing momentum and without costly mistakes? Can you confidently hand your cloud projects over to external parties, but know that you will have full visibility of what’s going on? Can you confidently allocate a larger slice of the budget for getting the project done – and need less to cover fixing mistakes?

Securing your data

Security Cloud resized

Qirx in a Box gives you confidence in your cloud SECURITY.

It helps you to design, deliver and manage a cloud infrastructure that has a security approach fit for purpose and tailored to the needs of the specific organisation.

The wholistic approach linking each of the six cloud lifecycles in Qirx in a Box allows you to build a robust infrastructure that addresses the multiple facets of delivering a secure cloud environment.

    For more on how Qirx in a Box turns everyday IT people into cloud experts, contact us today.