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Your Qirx in a Box licence comes with three accounts with tiered access to the three levels of content – C-Level, Project Management Level and Technical Level.


Qirx in a Box is an investment in your business and your staff.  By cultivating in-house cloud expertise you can maintain control of the process. Staffing costs are reduced and knowledge sharing is enhanced for long-term benefits. Use the Value Demonstrator to evaluate the potential of the savings.

Month-by-month subscription

Subscribe to Qirx in a Box and pay by month. Each month, you will receive credits that can be used to download the resources of your choice. Cancel after your first month if you are not satisfied (conditions apply)

Use the button below to subscribe with PayPal and receive instant access.  Or use the form on our Contact Page to request a call-back to discuss payment terms.

Pay up-front and save

Pay up-front to unlock full immediate access to all the resources contained in Qirx in a Box.

USE THE FORM ON OUR CONTACT PAGE to request a call-back to discuss total price and payment terms.

Terms and conditions on promotions may apply

    For more on how Qirx in a Box turns everyday IT people into cloud experts, contact us today.