Why We Do It

From it’s inception Qirx has done things differently, beginning with the spelling of our name. By definition a quirk is something out of the ordinary, and that is what we have endeavored to build since May 2000.

Our approach has always been based on long term gain rather than short term profit.  We have built a culture within our team, and with our customers, where sustained success is the key goal. We want to be part of their journey not just a stop along the way.

We genuinely care about our customers and their success and continually strive to leave behind an environment that is better than when we arrived. Rather than fostering a situation where our customers are totally dependent on us, we help them gain and maintain independence.

A key platform for our Professional Services business has always been to transfer skills to the customer so that they can maintain what we have built without needing continued external support.

Contrary to common business opinion, this approach allows our customers to free up funds and reinvest in their future which in turn, provides opportunities for Qirx to add further value and on it goes. Qirx prides itself in having long term relationships with both our customers and staff and in having sustainable year on year growth.

We see sharing what we have learned as a way of paying forward. One way of making a difference is to help others help themselves, empowering them to reach their full potential and in turn help others.

Qirx in a Box is another example of doing things differently. Our aim is to replicate what we have achieved locally on a global scale. This means sharing our skills, knowledge, experience and the tools that we have developed so that you too can build a successful hybrid cloud environment to underpin growth and prosperity in your organization.

Would you like to know how we do it?

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