Create your own cloud.
In your data centre. With your people.

Qirx in a Box – turns everyday IT people into cloud experts

We know cloud computing. In fact, our multi-award winning cloud experts have been creating infrastructure and cloud solutions for government and business customers for over 20 years.

At Qirx, we created Qirx in a Box because we like to share what we have learnt and know that some businesses want the benefits of doing their cloud implementation themselves.

Have you thought of doing it yourself?
If not, this could be the wrong place for you

Up to 70% of businesses will follow a more traditional path and want to pay someone else to create a customised, managed, more costly implementation.  If that is you, Qirx in a Box is not for you. Follow us to Qirx where our highly experienced consultants can help you.

Instructional videos

Watch our cloud experts walk you through the processes and pitfalls of creating your cloud in multiple scenarios.

Skills & Functionality Gap Analysis

Use the tools to work out what you have, what you need and how to fill the gaps and become self-sufficient.

Templates & spreadsheets

150+ resources across six pillars takes the uncertainty out of documenting your project from beginning to end.

You would move to cloud, if only ...

Just as we know cloud computing, we also know our customers. We know that most businesses will typically have at least one road-block (perceived or real) that makes it easier to do nothing than begin the process.

Below are a list of common sources of pain, priority or concern.  Are any relevant to your business?  Read more to see how Qirx in a Box can help you address them.

Need to upskill quickly?

Getting started is a daunting task if you’re new to cloud computing. All you know is that mistakes aren’t an option. Now imagine you could remove all the stress and confusion from researching, developing, and implementing a cloud based solution for your business.
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Worried about losing control?

Loss of control is one of the most common reasons cited for hesitating when it comes to adopting cloud technology. How comfortable do you feel leaving the finer details of your move to the cloud in someone else’s hands? Are you confident that they understand the nuances of your operating environment? Read more …

Want to reduce your risk?

Updating technology is fraught with risk. You’ll be risking time, money, past investments in technology, staff happiness, a business model that has been successful to date… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Then there’s the risk of NOT updating your capability. Are you confident that all the risks have been addressed? Read more …

Nurture in-house talent?

Are staffing issues holding your business back. Do you have the skills and experience in-house to manage risks and maintain control of migrating to the cloud? Will they have the know-how to seamlessly collaborate with outside providers? Read more …

Become an expert – quickly?

The only constant with IT is that it is constantly changing. Cloud technology intersects with a vast range of supporting technologies which means that developing expertise takes years. The problem is, you don’t have years.
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Optimize your cloud security?

Stories of leaks and hacks on businesses operating in the cloud leave many people wondering, is it really safe? Using Qirx in a box, the detailed documentation and processes can effectively eliminate weak spots before the transition even begins. Read more …

    For more on how Qirx in a Box turns everyday IT people into cloud experts, contact us today.